MOBAYLE Your AppStore In Minutes!

Get your customized APPSTORE instantly.

Main Features

We distinguish ourselves not only by automatic creation of the appstore but also by the other features that we provide. Those features are essential in letting get the most out of the new created appstore with the least efforts from your side:

  • The appstore will be ready with all the content that you want
  • The appstore will be hosted on the cloud. This is especially necessary in case of fast expansion of user base
  • The appstore will be localized in all languages that you need
  • The appstore will be available to you immediately after you fill some forms.
  • You don't need to worry about any technical issues; we will be taking care of that.
  • We can also link our appstore with any payment platform that you have.
  • The appstore will have content available for all platforms.
  • The appstore is viewable on all devices.
  • The appstore will detect the handset type and will filter the products viewed to those only compatible with the handset
  • The content on the appstore will be automatically and continuously updated for you.
  • We offer some free content to your users so that they will be coming directly to the appstore.
  • The new appstore will be optimized for search engines
  • You can easily add your content or any content you wish to your appstore
  • You will have full dashboard to see what pages/products are being viewed and by whom. You will also see full metrics about who is viewing what and when.